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At the start of the 21st century, Nobel Prize-winning work on telometric DNA launched a groundswell of scientific research on the role of telomeres in aging. Telomeres are the protective end caps on DNA that preserve our genetic data by preventing chromosomes from fraying and sticking to one another.

The research on DNA and aging shows that telomere length is an indicator of the body’s molecular defense status and is associated with longevity and overall wellness.1 Since our telomeres get shorter every time a cell in our body divides, maintaining telomere length is an important part of protecting our DNA to maintain cellular health.

Based on his years of training and expertise in the science of aging, medical research, and clinical age management, Dr. Jacob Rosenstein and the SciLife Biosciences team developed VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin to help support and protect the natural molecular systems responsible for keeping telomeres long and healthy.

VitaYears Anti-Aging Multivitamin is formulated to work at the cellular level, protecting and revitalizing telomeres to keep cells functioning and dividing normally.

Protecting Your Telomeres from Oxidation and Inflammation

Telomeres are protected by a robust antioxidant and anti-inflammatory environment. However, like all of our body’s defenses, this environment can be compromised over time by factors like stress, lack of sleep, food additives and pollutants. The cycle of excessive oxidation and chronic inflammation accelerates the aging process—long before we feel it or see it—and ultimately diminishes our genetic coding. In turn, this damage can cause more inflammation and oxidation, resulting in a harmful cycle that has also been shown to reduce longevity and compromise overall wellness.2

VitaYears Anti-Aging Multivitamin is specially formulated to assist your natural defenses with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients that help promote the length, longevity and defense of your telomeres.

When coupled with lifestyle choices known to keep molecular damage at bay—eating well, exercising regularly, reducing stress and getting enough sleep—VitaYears Anti-Aging Multivitamin acts as a powerful nutritional supplement to help support longevity and overall wellness at the cellular level.

The Next Generation Multivitamin

As strong predictors of human longevity and better health, telomeres sit at the heart of SciLife’s research and development. But that’s just the beginning. We’ve built upon this foundation with specific ingredients selected for their ability to work together and maximize their combined impact.

VitaYears Anti-Aging Multivitamin is specifically formulated to help optimize DNA and cellular health, with ingredients that can help support and protect telomere length and overall wellness as validated by 68 peer-reviewed scientific studies.* A daily regimen of our vitamins and supplements, along with a healthy lifestyle, can offer you the opportunity to experience improved vitality and add life to your years.

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Protect Your Body Against Negative Effects of Aging

At SciLife Biosciences, we formulated VitaYears Anti-Aging Multivitamin and support supplements to help you achieve your goals and make the rest of your life the best of your life. When you include our vitamins and supplements in your daily regimen alongside these four pillars of a healthy lifestyle, you create the opportunity to experience your most vital self and add life to your years. 


Eat a balanced diet featuring whole foods, lots of vegetables and healthy fats. Avoid added sugars and drink alcohol in moderation.

Stress Reduction

Quit smoking, monitor your emotional health and adjust your daily routine to avoid high levels of stress. Practice yoga and meditation.


Find an activity you love and get your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes a day, 3 times a week.


Get 7–9 hours of sleep every night to avoid unnecessary inflammation that could cause damage to physical and mental health.

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

Give Your Body’s Anti-Aging Defense Mechanisms a Boost

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