The Reason 60 Is the New 40

You look at age differently. So do we. It’s about attitude—it’s also about science. While most multivitamins have been slow to react to modern lifestyles, VitaYears™ has jumped boldly into the 21st century with a multivitamin specially formulated to help you meet today’s challenges.


Our 21st Century Multivitamin

Today's demands won't be met by a multivitamin formulated decades ago. We designed VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin to boost energy, focus, eye health, and more, all to help supercharge your active modern lifestyle.


New Name, Same Great Multivitamin and Supplements

You may have noticed we're making some changes around here. Our products can now be found under the name VitaYears™! Best of all? They're still formulated with the same vitality-boosting ingredients that can help add life to your years.


What Science Says
About Aging

Watch videos on what experts
have to say about the aging process

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Resist "Normal" Aging by Protecting Your Cells

Help support telomere health and promote a healthy lifespan

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Health & Vitality for a Lifetime

With decades of research and experience to draw from, we formulated VitaYears™ multivitamins and supplements to target and support specific areas of concern related to nutrition and wellness.
Try them today and feel the difference.

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Special offers available on 3-month and 6-month supplies.

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and our modern multivitamin for your modern lifestyle.

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What people are saying

“I am 72 years old and have been Dr. Rosenstein 'age-intervention' patient for 5 years. My body fat has dropped from 28% to 15%; waist from 36" to 30"; strength, stamina and focus are back to levels of 40 years ago.”

Mike A., 72

"Upon use of this product I have finally been able to achieve quality sleep with the matched energy when I wake! Dr. Rosenstein has revolutionized the sleep market with his healthy formula for quality rest. Truly a great nights sleep!"​

Shaya N.

​"As soon as I started taking my memory supplements I noticed a drastic increase in memory and cognitive function. I rarely ever forget anything now thanks to this product.​"​

Kellie R.

​"I have tried other sleep aids but they just make me feel groggy. This product in conjunction with the Anti-Aging multivitamin have helped me get deep rest and thus more energy during the day!​​"


"Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is a genius and formulated a series of products that are 2nd to none. Do yourself a favor and start taking the products and share the gift with your loved ones as well."

Ari R.

"I followed the program and took my supplements as recommended and today I cannot believe my health. At 70 my Biological age is 41...​Yes, I am living a better live today and likely a longer live because of this program."

John A. V. PhD, 70

Take Control of your Health & Well-Being Today

“There’s no time limit on vigor and vitality. Whatever your age, if you are not experiencing the best that life has to offer in every area—physical, mental and sexual—now is the time to make a change. Visit our Healthy Living page for valuable information that can help.” Jacob Rosenstein, MD, FACS