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“As a neurosurgeon and age management specialist, I’ve helped countless patients age youthfully. They lead vigorous, energetic, productive lives, and so can you. My mission is to get you started on a healthy new path that can change your life – right here, right now.” Jacob Rosenstein, MD, FACS

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The Vitamere™ family of supplements was developed based on results from decades of research. Each product is specifically formulated to help optimize nutrition and health.

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What people are saying

“It has been a life-changing experience. I am seventy-one and people ask me all the time when I am going to retire. I feel too young to retire!”

Bill R, 71 years old

“Dr. Jacob Rosenstein’s system is the best way to manage your health and wellness. He really understands the body’s processes and interactions.”

Peter K.C.

“I am currently six months past seventy-two and routinely work twelve-hour days with energy to spare. I found the right formula of diet, exercise, and nutritional supplements, following Dr. Rosenstein’s plan and being inspired by his example.”

Mike A., 72

“I am sixty-four years old and I feel better than I did in my forties. The program is life-changing.”

Dona R., 64

“The earlier you can start Dr. Rosenstein’s program the better off you will be for the rest of your life.”

Sharon W.

“This program has been like turning back the clock at least ten years in so many ways. I am sixty-nine, and I plan to practice law and help my clients until I am at least eighty.”

Rocky W., 69

“I know that being part of his program and taking his vitamins and supplements is what helped me heal from the life-changing back surgery he performed on me when I broke my back after being thrown off a horse. I don’t know where I would be without him.”

Jennifer P.

“I am grateful for his program and I hope to be in his age-management program forever.”

Mike P.

“At age 60, I was 5’8” & 225 pounds. I was taking naps at 3PM because I had no energy...Today at age 70, I have endless energy, acute concentration, a more successful professional practice and time to enjoy what I worked so hard for: time with my family."

John A.V., 70

“I no longer have cravings for sugary treats and carbs...My energy level is through the roof, I sleep like a baby. I’ve lost twenty-five pounds. I am seventy-one years old and a true believer in his program.”

Joy A. , 71

Take Control of your Health & Well-Being Today

“There’s no time limit on vigor and vitality. Whatever your age, if you are not experiencing the best that life has to offer in every area—physical, mental and sexual—now is the time to make a change. Visit our Healthy Living page for valuable information that can help.” Jacob Rosenstein, MD, FACS