VitaYears™ Sleep Support Supplement

30 CAPSULES (30 DAY SUPPLY) 5 reviews

Support healthful rest to experience life as it was meant to be lived.

  • Molecular defense
  • Sleep & vitality

Finally can sleep all the night through

I would wake up constantly and wake up feeling unrested for years and years. I have tried other sleep aids but they just make me feel groggy. This product in conjunction with the Anti-Aging multivitamin have helped me get deep rest and thus more energy during the day!


No more trouble with sleep! I used to get zero sleep but now thanks to my sleep support my body recovers faster and rests so much deeper. I finally get quality rest and know what it means to be fully energized thanks to Dr. R!

Can't Sleep!

For most of my life I have not been able to sleep, and when I did sleep I was not rested upon waking. This product changed everything for me. The formula created by Dr Rosenstein works the absolute best for my body and I now wake up with vigor! Thank You SciLife! I'm excited for more products to roll out!

Sleeping like a baby

Throughout my life I've always heard people talking about waking up on the right side of the bed and the energy and happiness that comes from a night of quality sleep. I can say I do not recall a time I've ever woken up on the right side. Morning I have always struggled to get out of bed. Ive resisted taking sleep pills as most allowed me to sleep but woke me up groggy and exhausted..
Upon use of this product I have finally been able to achieve life quality sleep with the matched energy when I wake! Dr. Rosenstein has revolutionized the sleep market with his healthy formula for quality rest. Truly a great nights sleep!

finally a full night of sleep!

after so many restless nights and waking up multiple times in the night, the sleep support is just what I needed. Grateful for this healthy way of staying asleep.