In Your 40s or Beyond? Here Are 18 Fitness and Health Resources to Check Out

Have you ever flipped through a health magazine and felt discouraged that the photos and the articles seem to only speak to the needs of younger people?

If you find it hard to relate to mainstream fitness publications, it’s time to upgrade. The following blogs, magazines and podcasts offer great health and fitness advice for adults over 40.

Online Publications

On All Aspects of Aging: Senior Planet

Senior Planet’s writers encourage readers to embrace the aging process. Site discussions include a wide variety of current events and hot topics, like how to grow new friendships or build muscle after 40. Recognizing that health is about more than just diet and exercise, Senior Planet also provides toolkits on healthy aging, sex and dating, travel, and technology.

Health, Lifestyle and Beauty: The Fine Line

If you love magazines like Cosmopolitan, you need The Fine Line. This online magazine covers beauty, style, health and fitness for women over the age of 45. Many readers will especially appreciate the no-nonsense #RealTalk section.  

All Things Baby Boomer: Boomer Cafe

Boomer Cafe is “the original digital magazine for baby boomers with active lifestyles and youthful spirits.” It lives up to this title by providing insight into graceful aging, money management, and new and relevant books. It also provides a number of thoughtful opinion pieces relevant to the times. And if you have your own experiences to share, Boomer Cafe provides space to submit articles.

Games, Quizzes, Yoga and More: Sixty and Me

Sixty and Me is a fun online magazine for women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. With games and exercises for the mind, yoga practices for the spirit, nutrition advice for the body, and so much more, women approaching their senior years can find plenty of great content made especially for them.

Sexual Health and Aging: Better Than I Ever Expected

Getting older doesn’t have to mean abandoning your sexual side. At Better Than I Ever Expected, experts share tips on maintaining a healthy sex life as you age. They also answer reader questions in straightforward ways and provide news and updates for sexually active seniors.

The Latest Research: Go4Life

The National Institute on Aging runs this blog for healthy, active seniors. Based on government-backed research, Go4Life offers tips for keeping fit, eating well and staying safe as you age. This site also offers free guides, audio books, motivational posters and tip sheets.

Health and Lifestyle: Healthy Aging Magazine

Healthy Aging Magazine covers just about every aspect of aging with health in mind. From nutrition and exercise to travel and music, this magazine has resources to help every part of your life. There is also a section on product reviews that can help you know what’s a scam and what really works.

Natural Living: Living Better 50

Life after 50 can be more than great. It can be better than ever. Living Better 50 aims to teach women with spirit how to live life to the fullest, regardless of age. With everything from skin health tips to natural remedies, Living Better 50 will help readers rediscover the joys of wellness.

Older is Better: Seniors Lifestyle Mag

With an upbeat tone, Seniors Lifestyle Mag helps readers stay on top of the latest health research, learn from people who have overcome fitness obstacles and find ways to stay active.

Bloggers to Follow

The healthy aging bloggers below have important insight for active adults who want to age with dignity. (Expert tip: follow these individuals on social media for even more great content.)

Personal Training: Alicia Jones

Alicia Jones is a fitness professional who specializes in training women over 50 years of age. On her personal blog, Jones offers online personal training services, workout routines and nutrition advice.

For Feminists Over Fifty: Sam and Tracy at Fit is a Feminist Issue

If you thought social consciousness and fitness couldn’t mix, think again. Friends Sam and Tracy run Fit is a Feminist Issue, a blog about the intersection between aging, womanhood and fitness. Posts consist of personal essays, reflections on current issues and advice for others.

Relationships and Sex: Walker Thornton

Walker Thornton describes herself as a sex goddess and a grandmother, among other things. Thornton teaches her readers about the importance of sexual health and other kinds of intimacy at every stage of life. She also covers topics such as women’s health, the importance of self-care, and joyful aging.

YouTube Channels

Reading is great, but sometimes a video demonstration is better. These YouTube channels are filled with useful fitness tips and routines.

All About Boomers: Boomer Fitness

On his channel, fitness expert Brian Stecker helps Baby Boomers discover new exercises, modify old favorites and stay motivated through it all.

Workouts for All: Silver Sneakers

Whether you’re a former athlete who is trying to stay active or you want to start an exercise routine for the first time, Silver Sneakers can help. While Silver Sneakers is primarily an in-person program, these videos can help you make sure that you’re doing the exercises correctly and that you have the modifications you need.

Yoga: Brett Larkin Yoga

Brett Larkin is a yoga instructor with YouTube videos for everyone, including seniors. From adaptive chair yoga to gentle flows for beginners, Larkin has several videos to help you reap the many health benefits of a regular yoga practice.


With podcasts, you’re never too busy to learn about healthy living. Plug into these podcasts on your commute, during your daily walk or while you do housework.

For Women: Women Seeking Wellness

In this show, Dr. Stephanie Maj teaches women how to achieve wellness in many aspects of life. In some episodes, Maj answers listener questions on specific topics. In others, she brings on expert guests to dive deep into a wellness subject.

Friendly Medical Advice: The Healthy Aging Podcast

In this helpful podcast, Kendra Vallone and Dr. Larry Emdur tackle health and aging topics such as sleeping problems, eye health, cancer prevention and adult ADHD. Their goal is to give listeners the information and tools they need to live long and healthy lives.

Science Deep-Dive: Live Long and Master Aging

Called “LLAMA” for short, Live Long and Master Aging goes deep into the science of aging. In each episode, Peter Bowes interviews researchers and bio-hackers who are anti-aging experts.

Supplementing Your Information Diet

Whether you need help learning how to nourish your body or just staying motivated, there are resources to help you. These blogs, podcasts, magazines and more can help you make sure the next few decades of your life are the best.

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images by: Geert Pieters, Maarten van den Heuvel, Esther Wiegardt