The VitaYears™ Sleep Support Supplement is a Game Changer When it Comes to Great Sleep

At SciLife BioSciences, we’re a bit obsessed with sleep. We’ve got a number of posts dedicated to sleeping well and are firm believers that clocking a good seven or eight hours of shut eye every night is key to vital living.

We broke down the whys and hows of good sleep in a recent article. Here in this post, we want to take a little extra time to highlight one of our signature products: the VitaYears™ Sleep Support Supplement.

Each of our supplements and multivitamins are expert-formulated based on scientific research—the Sleep Support Supplement is no different. Below, we showcase each of the three key ingredients in this unique supplement and discuss why they are so effective.

Our Stellar Sleep Supplement Ingredient 1: GABA

Among the biggest inhibitors of great sleep are stress and anxiety.

Diane Roberts Stoler Ed.D, writing for Psychology Today, breaks down how chronic stress contributes to poor quality sleep and how that, in turn, impacts all other areas of wellbeing.

In brief, she notes that stress “causes a dysregulation” of your autonomic nervous system (ANS), and when your ANS is compromised, you weaken your ability achieve “restorative sleep.” Lack of restorative sleep contributes to memory problems and increased anxiety levels. High anxiety levels interfere with the body’s normal hormone regulation, putting your body on “high alert.” All this, in turn, further exacerbates the ability to sleep well, resulting in a vicious cycle that makes you “chronically fatigued and exhausted, causing you more memory problems and the inability to sleep at night.”

What does GABA have to do with all this?

More and more studies are pointing to GABA as a great stress relief aid.

Findings from a 2015 study conducted by A. Yamatsu et al., The Improvement of Sleep by Oral Intake of GABA and Apocynum venetum Leaf Extract, suggest that GABA “has been shown to relieve anxiety, reduce psychological stress, and promote relaxation.”

Other research shows similar findings in pointing to GABA as a stress reliever. A study by A. Yoto and others pitted GABA against a placebo in a randomized trial; the results suggest that GABA helped bring alpha and beta band brain waves—which contribute to focus and relaxation—back toward an optimal state during a stressful mental task. As Yoto’s team summarizes, “GABA might have alleviated the stress induced by the mental tasks.”

GABA is more than just a relaxant, however. When it comes to sleep, GABA may also have a direct impact on both quality and duration.

A 2018 study conducted by Jung-Ick Byun et al. tested the effects of GABA supplementation on sleep patterns for patients experiencing symptoms of insomnia. The results showed that the patients who took a GABA tablet one hour before bed experienced a reduction in sleep latency—aka the period of time it takes to fall asleep after lying down—as well as an improvement in “subjective sleep quality” versus those that took a placebo. Byun’s team goes on to state that “the results of our study suggest that natural-GABA intake can inhibit neurons that promote arousal.”

Even better? The study points out that supplementing with GABA may not only be effective at promoting better sleep, it’s safer and less habit forming than prescription medications.

All that said, GABA’s benefits get even better when paired with Apocynum venetum, which we’ll look at next.

Our Stellar Sleep Supplement Ingredient 2: Apocynum Venetum

A 2012 literature review of Apocynum venetum in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology introduces Apocynum venetum as having “a long history as a Chinese traditional medicine with uses to calm the liver, soothe the nerves, dissipate heat, and promote diuresis”; more recently, it’s “been commercialized as a sedative and anti-aging supplement.”

The review goes on to point out that modern studies suggest its potential for addressing a number of health issues, including “high blood pressure, high cholesterol, neurasthenia, depression and anxiety.”

Of note here is Apocynum venetum’s potential to improve sleep quality. Our Sleep Support Supplement features Venetron®—a powdered version of the Apocynum venetum leaf extract.

Venetron® has been the center of a number of recent studies including that mentioned above conducted by A. Yamatsu et al. The findings from this study not only show that GABA can help improve relaxation, its effects on sleep can be optimized when taken in concert with Apocynum venetum.

Indeed, while GABA alone improved the ability of the study’s patients to fall asleep quickly, it did not improve their non-REM sleep time (non-REM sleep time is the deep, dreamless sleep where your body repairs and strengthens itself). Venetron®, the results showed, “increased non-REM sleep time much more than GABA.”

When testing for simultaneous ingestion of both GABA and Venetron®, the researchers found the pairing had a complementary effect on sleep: “It was suggested that the sleep latency-shortening effect of the combination of GABA and AVLE [Apocynum venetum leaf extract] was mainly brought on by GABA, and the non-REM sleep time-increasing effect of it was mainly brought on by AVLE.”

Put simply, when taken together, GABA and Venetron® can not only help you fall asleep faster, they can also help you sleep deeper.

Our Stellar Sleep Supplement Ingredient 3: Melatonin

If you spend much time looking into all the ways you can improve the quality of your sleep, melatonin will inevitably come up in your search. It’s widely recommended as a sleep supplement in part because melatonin is a hormone directly related to the regulation of your sleep cycles.

As a hormone, melatonin is typically “turned on” in our bodies at nighttime when the sun goes down. When you start feeling sleepy, that’s melatonin in action. Cortisol is melatonin’s hormonal counterpart—it’s what wakes us up in the morning with a sense of alertness and readiness for the day.

A disruption in the normal cycling of these hormones can lead to disrupted sleep in the short term and chronic sleep disorders in the long term. The good news is that numerous studies find that exogenous melatonin—that is, melatonin supplements taken orally—can help normalize the sleep-wake cycle.

A 2004 study of patients struggling with sleep issues found that the patients who took a melatonin supplement between 10pm and 11pm “experienced significant increases in REM sleep percentage” versus those who took a placebo. The study’s overall findings suggest that “exogenous melatonin, when administered at the appropriate time, seems to normalize circadian variation in human physiology.”

Exogenous melatonin can also have an impact on our abilities to sleep well as we age. Studies show that as we age, we experience a natural reduction in the melatonin levels that are activated throughout the course of a 24-hour cycle. However, supplementing with melatonin has been shown to restore “sleep efficiency,” particularly late in the night when we may otherwise experience nighttime wakefulness.

Get the Best Rest of Your Life with the Right Sleep Support Supplement

Our VitaYears™ Sleep Support Supplement contains the recommended dosages of each GABA, Venetron® and melatonin to help you get the best sleep of your life. This synergistic formulation differentiates our supplement from others on the market which rely on isolated ingredients or ingredients that are not supported by science. Sleeping well is a critical component of overall health and day-to-day enjoyment of life. Let us help you get your sleep patterns back on track and make the rest of your life the best of your life.