Meet Dr. Rosenstein
Meet Dr. Rosenstein

Innovation Through Transformation

“I learned about aging the hard way, so you don’t have to. My transformation began with science and led me to VitaYears™.”

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Overcoming My Middle-Aged Slump

I’m Dr. Jacob Rosenstein, and I can tell you that reaching my 50s was a lot like experiencing engine trouble—you get behind the wheel, you turn the key and immediately you know something isn’t right. Even though I was active and busy, I began to notice a decrease in my energy levels. My physical and cognitive abilities were functioning sub-optimally and I was no longer meeting my own standards of peak performance. I felt like I couldn’t completely be there for the people that mattered most—my family, my patients, my friends—and this was unacceptable.

That’s when I realized I’d underestimated the consequences of aging. I tried justifying my oversight, saying I’d been too busy keeping up with the daily grind — sound familiar? — and that the avalanche of emerging and often contradictory science related to the aging process was a puzzle I didn’t have time to solve. It wasn’t long before I realized these excuses were also unacceptable.

I’d always been self-driven and achievement oriented, but only when I hit the 50s slump did I recognize my own health and vitality as personal assets — as extensions of my commitment to my career, my family and my friends. I decided to reinvest in learning about the aging process and how epigenetic factors like nutrition, exercise and stress management negatively impact the quality and length of our lives.

“Reaching my 50s was a lot like experiencing engine trouble—you get behind the wheel, you turn the key and immediately you know something isn’t right.”

My Journey to VitaYears™

The foundation of my road to VitaYears™ was laid at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine where I earned my medical degree. Following this, I interned in general surgery, then served as chief resident in neurological surgery at Parkland Hospital through the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. After my time in Texas, I traveled to England and became a fellow in neurological surgery at the National Hospital for Nervous Diseases at Queens Square, London. My last geographic stop brought me back to Texas where I am currently a board-certified neurosurgeon specializing in neurological surgery, age management and anti-aging medicine.

“I became a patient of my own anti-aging program centered around nutrition and lifestyle.”

In addition to my neurosurgery practice I began the SciLife Age Intervention Institute (SAII) to address the signs and symptoms of aging. I became a patient of my own program in order to immerse myself in the development of an evidence-based anti-aging strategy centered around nutrition and lifestyle. The patients we worked with through SAII consistently reported boosted energy levels, elevated mood, increased vitality, sharper thinking, younger-looking skin, improved muscle tone and reduced body weight.

My own experience echoed these successes. In six months, I felt younger, my personal energy levels increased, and my body fat percentage went from 21 to 11. My personal transformation in both mind and body inspired me to create world-class, science-based nutritional supplements that—combined with proper nutrition and exercise—would help everyone enjoy health and longevity, and take full advantage of what their lives had to offer.

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