VitaYears™ Multivitamin with Cellular Support

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dr suggested i take these

could not find in stores and finally found online. they really make me feel better. its more expensive that most vitamins, but I am hooked.

Never take another daily vitamin again

Energy, good skin, thicker finger nails, and general "healthy Feeling".

Good stuff!

Good stuff. I signed up for 2. I could not find a way to have one subscription start after the other. I ordered from work and will check my bottle to see when they expire. You should have a way to order 2 6mo supply back to back and get 2 free mos.

thank you for changing my life

These vitamins make a difference.

My doctor recommened to me

Been taking for almost 6-months. Love, Love, Love em!!!!
Thanks for the free bottle.

Great product!

I own a gym and have been referred these to almost 50 clients. They all take VitaYears and are happy. I should be getting them for free and should be the company spokesperson.

Best Vitamins ever

I will never take another multi. I love the deal and my last subscription was about to expire. Good timing.

super energy!!!

I am almost addicted to taking these vitamins they make such a difference.


Best multivitamin in the world. I am completely hooked and my husband is also

I love these products. This is a much better deal than amazon.

Good deal

Love these vitamins

What a deal! I also purchased a subscription for my sister as a birthday present

Amazing energy - Amazing product

I've been taking VitaYears for almost 2 months, I order every 2 months. Once I forgot to order and skipped a few days. Had a tired and low energy feeling.

This will keep you feeling great.

This is the most amazing multivitamin I have ever taken. As a health enthusiast I have been on multivitamins for many years and thought I was doing pretty well. I never thought that I could feel even better until I switched to Vitamere. It is amazing the difference that I felt after just three months of taking it. My energy levels are through the roof. My hair is thicker and grows much faster then ever before and I get compliments on my skin all the time.

Love this product!

I've been taking SciLife for about 3 months andI've grown to love this supplement. At first I didn't notice a huge difference in my energy, then after about a month of taking it every day I forgot to take it. I remember 2:00 rolling around and feeling like I hit a wall, I hadn't felt like this in a long time. Then I realized I forgot to take it that morning. Its been a crucial part of my morning routine ever since. Thank you SciLife team you make a great product.

more energy and sleeping better

I have been using this supplement for 2 weeks and find that it does as promised: more energy and sleeping better. At 72 years I want to stay as youthful as possible for as long as possible. THANKS!

So far so good

Felt more energetic!

My hair is healthier and my skin glows!

This is the most amazing multivitamin I have ever taken. I never thought that I could feel that good until I have started with Vitamere. It is amazing the difference that I felt after just few months of taking it. My energy levels are through the roof.


I've only been taking this product for about two weeks now, but i already feel more energy and more motivated then before I started taking the VitaYears product. I would recommend this to anyone looking to make a difference in their health options.

Stress reduction

I recently moved from CA to CT - the stress of moving, getting the kids in school and starting a new job was a challenge but with a daily dose of VitaYears I feel reenergized and ready to tackle life's challenges

Feel more energy than ever!

This is one of the best supplements I've ever taken. I've been on it for about 2 months and have more energy, endurance and focus than I've had in years. I highly recommend it and look forward to the cumulative effects as time goes by.