VitaYears™ Power-Pack 4

30 DAY SUPPLY EACH 3 reviews

Optimize for total health with the Anti-Aging Multivitamin plus cognitive, urinary and sleep health supplements.

At SciLife™, we formulated VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin and support supplements to help you achieve your goals and Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of your Life™. When you include our vitamins and supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle, you create the opportunity to experience your most vital self and add life to your years.*

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Personal Experience

I became patient #1 over 10 years with Dr. R's age management. I was borderline diabetic, 5'8" 225 lbs. My labs were atrocious and I was headed to a myriad of health problems. I followed the program and took my supplements as recommended and today I cannot believe my health. At 70 my Biological age is 41. My weight is 158 and my Body Fat Mass is 16%. I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Parkinson's, I now have my balance back and have reduced Requip to the minimum dosage. My lab results are all within expected ranges. There are other advantages. My stamina is better than I ever remembered. Yes I endorse the program, and as a PhD I endorse the Science behind the process. I have given Dr. R permission to show my before and after pictures. Ouch! But if this doesn't convince you, nothing will. Should anyone want to contact me personally I give permission for my email to be released.

Grow Hair? I have joked with Dr. R about growing hair and sure enough I referred a client to Dr. R and within six months his hair was growing back. The lab reviews pointed out certain allergies and made a life change for my friend Rahul. Dr .R prescribed the right solution. Yes, I am living a better live today and likely a longer live because of this program.

Prevention is Critical!

Why wait to have an issue when you can prevent it!? I have had many friends with prostate issues later in their life, now I can pass into the next phase of my life without worrying about having problems in this area. All the SciLife products are so powerful and so effective that you can rest assured that your health is improving.

finally a full night of sleep!

after so many restless nights and waking up multiple times in the night, the sleep support is just what I needed. Grateful for this healthy way of staying asleep.