VitaYears™ Power-Pack 3

30 DAY SUPPLY EACH 3 reviews

Optimize for total health with the Anti-Aging Multivitamin plus cognitive and sleep health supplements.

At SciLife™, we formulated VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin and support supplements to help you achieve your goals and Make the Rest of Your Life the Best of your Life™. When you include our vitamins and supplements as part of a healthy lifestyle, you create the opportunity to experience your most vital self and add life to your years.*

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Life Changing!

I have been taking SciLife products for over a year and it has changed my life in so many positive areas, not limited to physical benefits. My marriage improved, my inner dialogue became more peaceful, and my spiritual connection was enhanced. My before and after pictures are unrecognizable because I now have the energy and vitality to work even harder and workout more effectively. Dr. Jacob Rosenstein is a genius and formulated a series of products that are 2nd to none. Do yourself a favor and start taking the products and share the gift with your loved ones as well. THANK YOU SCILIFE!


I went through a dark period where I had major trouble remembering all of the little things most people take for granted. That was when I knew something had to be done ASAP! As soon as I started taking my memory supplements I noticed a drastic increase in memory and cognitive function. I rarely ever forget anything now thanks to this product.

Sleeping like a baby

Throughout my life I've always heard people talking about waking up on the right side of the bed and the energy and happiness that comes from a night of quality sleep. I can say I do not recall a time I've ever woken up on the right side. Morning I have always struggled to get out of bed. Ive resisted taking sleep pills as most allowed me to sleep but woke me up groggy and exhausted..
Upon use of this product I have finally been able to achieve life quality sleep with the matched energy when I wake! Dr. Rosenstein has revolutionized the sleep market with his healthy formula for quality rest. Truly a great nights sleep!