Defy Aging: Hardcover Book

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Find out how Dr. Rosenstein stood up to the aging process and strengthened his own telomeres!

Good health doesn’t happen by accident. It’s the age-old magic potion which doctors and nutritionists have attempted to conjure up since the beginning of time—the perfect balance of mind and health. 

  • Learn about the perfect blend of nutrition and exercise 
  • Determine a legitimate diet and workout plan, most beneficial to you
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Anyone who is serious about achieving these goals must read Defy Aging!

Not only is Defy Aging the new standard in anti-aging medicine, but in writing this pragmatic and evidence-based book, Dr. Jacob Rosenstein has also managed to take a tone and style that keeps the reader engaged—not always an easy task when discussing the scientific approach to living longer, living better and living healthier. Anyone who is serious about achieving these goals must read Defy Aging and implement its recommendations post-haste. I’m certain that any reader will be extremely happy with the results.

Gene Bruno, MS, MHS, RH(AHG)
Professor of Nutraceutical Science
Huntington College of Health Sciences

Couldn’t put it down!

This book was a breath of fresh air – who doesn’t want to reverse the aging process? My journey starts today!