BuzzFeedBlue Staffer Turns Green After Learning How Her Lifestyle Impacts Her Biological Age

Thinking about how your lifestyle has affected and continues to affect your lifespan should not start after retirement. Fresh up on the BuzzFeedBlue YouTube account is a video showing a couple young BuzzFeed staffers learning something we at SciLife BioSciences have been preaching for years—telomeres matter when it comes to assessing biological age.

The two staffers—Curly and Kelsey—decided to get their telomeres tested. As described in the video, telomeres are protective “nubs” for your cells; as you age, your telomeres shrink and when they’re gone entirely, the cell dies; ultimately, aging is “all about the number of cells over time that die.”

A Tale of Two Telomere Test Results

Take note—lifestyle choices have a major impact on how quickly telomeres shrink.

Not coincidentally the blood test results showed that Curly, the staffer who’d led a clean lifestyle for the past couple years, is biologically eight years younger than his coworker, Kelsey, who admitted to having “done a lot of living” and continues to eat fast food and drink regularly. Even more noteworthy? Legally, Kelsey is younger.

The results speak for themselves. Heavy drinking and a party lifestyle can make you age much faster than those who opt to minimize alcohol consumption, avoid smoking, eat whole foods, keep stress levels low and exercise often.

The good news? Prior to the last two years, Curly was also a heavy drinker and smoker. His recent health and fitness adjustments reflect in his results and show that even if you live a rock-and-roll lifestyle now, it’s not too late to make the switch to more positive habits. Every solid lifestyle choice is an opportunity to extend your lifespan.

The Right Choices Now Can Make a Big Impact on How You Age

Having a tough time shaking off your vices? Take it day by day and start small. Our Healthy Living blog is full of awesome advice for incorporating healthier habits into your daily living. And all good choices can be supported even further with the right supplement—our VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin was formulated with your telomeres in mind. Our team has seen firsthand what nurturing your cells can do for longevity and how you feel on a daily basis.

Not to get too cheeky, but be a Curly, not a Kelsey—start taking care of your health now and add life to your years.