The Decline in American Health and What We Can Do About It

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Dr. Jacob Rosenstein recently sat down with Dawn Burnett of Thrive Global to discuss some scary trends relating to the health of the average American and to glean some strategies for how we as individuals can improve our lifestyles. (Did you know one third of American adults are obese and cardiovascular disease is responsible for a third of all deaths?)

Dr. Rosenstein doesn’t waste time getting to the point: "People are looking for instant gratification and they ignore their health and then it starts to deteriorate over time...It takes discipline to stay healthy.”

He goes on to note that it’s important to make health a priority in our actions, not just our words. Schedule in a daily 30 minutes of exercise and eat a variety of whole foods. As he notes, "The closer the food comes from the ground, tree or the ocean, the better it is for you.”

Additionally, we shouldn't overlook the necessity of including a high-quality multivitamin in our diets given that the majority of us do not receive the daily recommended intake of key nutrients from the foods we eat. And he should know. He was his own first patient in developing his anti-aging program, and through it he was able to extend the length of his telomeres—a biomarker of molecular aging—to the point where his biological age tested as decades younger than his actual age.

Read the full article on Thrive Global. Also be sure to check out Dr. Rosenstein’s new book, Defy Aging, and VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin—its specifically formulated to help optimize DNA and cellular health.