Anti-Aging Secrets Can Be Found in Our DNA

Here at SciLife BioSciences, we’re all about telomeres—you don’t have to look too far to find evidence of that. And we’re not alone: it seems ABC’s Diane Sawyer and crew are also hip to telomere science and how it relates to longevity and healthspan.

Study Suggests that Longer Telomeres Equal Greater Vitality

In this ABC News Report, Diane Sawyer’s team investigates a recent study of mice injected with a special enzyme to reactivate their telomeres, the results of which showed the telomeres of the affected mice growing substantially in length. The lengthened telomeres, in turn, correlated with improvements in fertility, hair growth and brain function. In fact, the brains of these mice—once 75% of normal size and indicative of a degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s—grew back to normal size.

All this suggests that longer telomeres directly relate to an increased likelihood of aging gracefully—or even reversing the aging process altogether.

How SciLife BioSciences Takes on the Aging Process with Telomeres

Our SciLife BioSciences team has been in the business of helping people increase the length of their telomeres for years. Dr. Jacob Rosenstein—prominent neurosurgeon, founder of SciLife and pioneer in researching telomeres and the aging process—centers his anti-aging program around increasing telomere length and helping people feel like their most vital selves.

Dr. Rosenstein’s program is all about living a healthy, active and low-stress lifestyle. Key to this lifestyle is supplementing with a high-quality, targeted anti-aging multivitamin. His own VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin is specially formulated to help optimize DNA and cellular health and features ingredients backed by scientific study. Try it today and start on a journey toward adding life to your years.