Looking for Some Pre-New Year Cheer? We’re Offering One Month Free on New Single-Bottle Multivitamin and Supplement Subscriptions

We want to help you end 2018 right and kick off 2019 with a bang! From December 10 through December 17th, 2018, we’re offering you your first month FREE when you sign up for any single-bottle monthly subscription of our VitaYears™ products. All you pay for is shipping and handling! Plus, after the first month, you’ll receive 5 percent savings off the regular price on all recurring orders in your subscription.

On top of that, we’re bringing back our free book with purchase offer! All orders placed before December 17th will ship with a free copy of Dr. Jacob Rosenstein’s book, Defy Aging. Already got Dr. Rosenstein’s book? Consider gifting your bonus copy to a loved one—it makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

Subscription and Free Book Promotion Notes

Offers will be available from December 10, 2018, until midnight (PDT) on December 17, 2018. Subscription offer applies to first month of new subscriptions only; recurring orders will automatically be charged at regular price minus a 5 percent discount. Recurring orders will receive free shipping (subject to change). For more information on managing your subscriptions, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page. Offers cannot be applied to previous purchases; additional exclusions may apply.

About VitaYears™ Anti-Aging Multivitamin

With 2019 near at hand, it’s a good time to ask yourself if taking a multivitamin formulated decades ago is really going to give you the results you’re after.

On that note, if you’re going to be taking a multivitamin anyway, shouldn’t you be taking the best one?

Formulated with 21st century needs in mind, our VitaYears Anti-Aging Multivitamin is packed with ingredients shown to support your body at the cellular level. It includes 13 nutritional antioxidants and anti-inflammatories and more active ingredients than competing multivitamins, featuring each in doses appropriate for your daily needs. Better yet, we process and source ingredients with bioavailability in mind—we want to ensure that each capsule can be properly absorbed into your system so that you can feel the difference every day.